2020 -2024 – Chamber of Commerce Hamburg announces the new members of Eastern Europe working group

Tim Mackeldey, Managing Director Europe from CheckMobile has been chosen as a member of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce (Handelskammer Hamburg) working group, dedicated to East Europe of for the upcoming 4 years.

In in his interview, exclusively for our readers, he shares what are the main priorities of Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and how his experience will contribute to the business relationships development of East Europe.

What is Hamburg Chamber of Commerce’s mission?

The working circle for Eastern Europe is just one of thirty groups within the chamber to contribute to improve the economic exchange between Eastern Europe and Hamburg.  Hanseatic city as ours, has always had a  large trade relations with the East and this particular working circle will consult the president and plenums of the chamber how to further develop the eastern relationships.

What are the biggest challenges that the chamber faces?

The image of Eastern Europe in Germany, especially Russia, needs still a lot of improvement to come closer to the reality. I don’t know if all trade restrictions towards the East are really needed. This will be one of the challanges the group will face.

Which sectors are prioritized and in which projects companies can find collaboration opportunities?

This is a very illustrious and heterogenous working group, covering several industries as well as large players from Hamburg. I think we can improve the situation for any business sector.

How your previous expertise will help you in this this challenge?

I was living and working for the last 15 years in Eastern Europe. In these years I built a huge network in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltics. The members of the working group cover many industries, and I my role is bring in some missing knowledge of the IT sector.

Tim Makeldey

Managing Director CheckMobile

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