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Do you want to know one of the biggest pitfalls when making data-driven decisions?

Well, not using the right data source – as simple as it sounds, this is the most critical point of your analysis. You can hire a master’s in Data Science and Analytics, but without defining your goal and inputting the right resources, this can all go into the trash.

And you know what?

The most valuable information a company can get is coming exactly from its operations. By collecting data from the field, you can be sure that the input is authentic, relevant and up to date – isn’t that cool! And the best part is that you have all these data flows happening inhouse.

However, one of the biggest challenges a company faces is that the flow of communication between the field and the office – often stunted by office-focused software in place. So, setting a goal of choosing the right software giving the needed flexibility from both office and field teams seems like a pretty relevant challenge. Here are the most important points, you need to follow, before investing in a new software solution:

Flexibility equals freedom

Customizable processes on the go – that’s what you need. With all the heavy and complex solutions, changing a process is slow, hard and pretty costly. And you know that the need for adjustment is something that happens more often than you can imagine. So, having a platform that can be adjusted at any point of time, without coding, based on Drag&Drop it’s a really valuable feature you should look for.

Lighter means faster

Get into the 21st century by using Cloud Computing and data storage.

Why overwhelming your servers with all this data and slow down operations when cloud computing and data storage are out there? Step into the future and take advantage of all the benefits that have been offered to you.

Live Updates

The dynamically changing environment and unexpected events – sound familiar? To deal with all these, you need a system that gives you live updates so you can react immediately and set losses to a minimum.

Keep it clean and easy

Let’s be honest – no one likes complexity. Sounds fancy and can drain your budget, but in reality, no one needs it. That’s why putting a priority on simplicity and flexibility is a must. Also, storing your data in a reliable platform, which enables you to access 24/7 and trigger reports is something that you have to invest in – it pays off!

On the other endpoint, your in-place team would also appreciate a solution that makes their life easier (and work faster). As a result, you will forget about errors and inconsistencies when capturing data, which a technical side is pretty valuable, cost and time-saving.

5min onboarding

Do you know what is one of the biggest expenses every company faces, no matter in the service or production sector?

Yes, you got it – onboarding. And it is not all about money – you have to train your new team to work with your system fast and smoothly. So, having a straightforward solution that makes it easy to work with, everyone will appreciate it – including your budget!

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