Minimize Stress of Your Firm With Workflows

With the Christmas season upon us and New Years approaching, it can be quite a hectic time for retailers. People purchasing massive of amounts of gifts as well as the recipients later returning the gifts that they don’t actually like. The holiday season can be one of the most profitable but also one of the most stressful times of the year. Massive lines for the register as well as overworked employees can also contribute to customer dissatisfaction and create even more chaos for the retailers, even the smaller ones. It’s crucial that the retailers maintain order and proper tracking of fulfilled orders and returns. In today’s world most of the shopping is done online, though people still go to the stores themselves. Given the major mobile online presence it is necessary to have proper data and purchase and return tracking and reporting so that firms won’t miss anything. With lots of consumers shopping on mobile devices, having a mobile optimized website is critical to ensuring the success of a firm’s website as well as an increase in sales over the holiday season. A properly implemented digital BPM (Business Process Management) solution would be extremely beneficial in optimizing the firm’s performance, especially during the holiday season.

Even in the services industry as well as construction, the holiday season for most firms in the business field feel the holiday stress. For services industries especially it’s crucial to keep track of work ordered, work executed work invoiced, and work paid (employees & overtime). The increased levels of business, although profitable, can also be extremely problematic when the firm cannot properly handle the increased demand and increased information flow coming at the firm. Simple paper tracking just doesn’t cut it anymore, there’s too much room for errors, and errors especially around the holiday season with clients & consumers are one of the most frustrating things. A properly implemented BPM solution would be quite beneficial for firms and assist to optimize their performance during the holiday season as well minimize any potential room for errors. 

So what kind of solution do we mean? Here at LogiMove-Checkmobile, we’re here to help. Our very own LM work order management platform is a Multi-tenant platform that monitors and validates work from “Order” to “Payment” based on Service Level Agreements and Contract Terms. The tool uses data aggregation, analytics, detailed workflows, and AI to allow for real time detection of discrepancies so they can be immediately addressed.  Best of all, the process creates clear accountability back to individuals through the entire process, creating a major disincentive to take any fraudulent actions. Using LogiMove solutions, customers can drive down costs on personnel and 3rd party suppliers utilizing mobile workflows such as asset specific complex workflows designed by the business department and changing them dynamically using the AI workflow-design-engine. Centrally manage processes with local adaptations leads to faster, more flexible and individual tailored solutions quickly. Come and see just how much we can assist your firm during the holiday season, and join the workflow movement!

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