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Choose between our four build products (1) CM Process Platform (2) CM Omni Channel Platform (3) CM IDEM FACIEM or (4) Mobile Enabler for SAP.

CheckMobile proprietary technology offers:

  • Cheaper and Faster than competitors
  • Higher Performance
  • Massive Scalability
  • Better User Experience for field workers

We create real business scenarios with:

  • Independent data centers globally
  • Secure connection from your back-end to the cloud
  • Micro-services create the building blocks that form an entire process within the app

We create mobile applications that:

  • Require no coding
  • Deploy and run online and offline
  • Easy-to-use user experience
  • Complex workflows
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Background uploads
  • Offline executions

Choose the right product for you

A core for most of our state of the art solutions is our since more than a decade further developed process platform, which connects our modules as a stabile basis and enables our clients to implement new IT products fast, simple and cost effective.

CM Process Platform

digitize paper based processes


With our more than a decade developed and improved CM process platform we are able to digitize almost any paper based process within our range of industry solutions. Origin was the car rental industries, where the biggest names in the market rely on our solutions since many years. Further development, enhancements and regular updates enable our solution to be a powerful tool for almost any industry to eliminate paperwork and bring everything on mobile devices. We are able to implement our platform with low costs for installation and our clients benefit from more than 1000 process variations which are ready in the system and just need to be configured for client’s specific needs. We are competing here with large ERP providers, because our approach is much faster and cost effective, nevertheless we have all interfaces to connect to any existing legacy system. Clients, who want a fast and cost transparent solution, have chosen many times our products. More than 50 developers work since more than 10 years constantly on our platform, we have experts for the backend to guarantee fast calculations, frontend and User Interface programmers to ensure state of the art usability and close to perfection user experience. Currently more than 2.000.000 business processes are run every day with our platform, and the numbers are increasing due to more and more interest in us. Take a look, how our platform can help your business to save costs, make work more efficient and bring you to the next technology level. Feel free to get in touch with us to schedule an online or live demo to see quickly, how we are able to make your business better and smarter.

CM Omni Channel Platform

digitize paper based processes

Storekeeper with mobile computer working in a warehouse.

Formerly based on our CM Process Platform, by attracting trade and retail customers, we were able to specify certain aspects of our established processes and came up with a dedicated solution for the retail industry – our CM Omni Channel Platform. Currently used by the largest electronic, food and fashion retailers in the world, our solution enabled our customers to reach huge increases in revenue, cost saving, customer satisfaction and more efficiency in their daily operations.
We work with international chains, of whom all of them show huge satisfaction about our products and we receive recommendations on daily basis about our unique solutions which differentiate us highly from our competitors. We developed over time large improvements for the customer journey, deep data integration from different sources, multilingual environments and give the ability to manage multi-brands and channels.
Without any marketing or PR activities, our solution was recognized as one of the most advanced in the market, and we got invited to further develop it in cooperation with four german universities to be the benchmark in the industry. There we continue to enhance and improve our solution with the newest technologies and creative ways to enable even more customers in their digital journey.
Our CM Omni Channel solution consists of:


digitize paper based processes

Russian team proudly presents the Face Recognition terminal

IDEM FACIEM is the checkmobile KYC (know your customer) POS (point of sales) Terminal. It is one of the newest products in line of our solutions, nevertheless already in use by customers from us in the fast food sector as well as in several airports.
IDEM FACIEM is a terminal, including the hardware and, in addition, several software solutions to build a complete solution to engage with B2C customers. Starting from an advanced face recognition software, up to a cashier and payment system, IDEM FACIEM delivers the end to end solution for any company, who wants to use these new technologies. The variety of use cases is almost endless, in current implementations our customers wanted e.g. a staff free restaurant experience, where the face recognition identifies the client, uses his previous generated data, based on this makes recommendations for new or recurring purchases, cashless payments and cashier system for invoicing and bookkeeping. This approach was revolutionary but highly successful and is currently regarded as the benchmark in the market.
In airports we have a different approach, and the possibilities of interactions are even broader, from boarding up to security check and further engagements in duty free shopping area, our solutions increase efficiency, cost savings, higher turnover for shops and largely improved user and customer experience.
In our offices in Palo Alto, US, Moscow, Russia and Hamburg, Germany, we have Demo Terminals to show potential customers what is possible with this state of the art Terminals.
The connection to our previous business models are of course the mobile apps, which are part of the terminal solution and enable customers to interact all along the way with the terminals.

Mobile Enabler for SAP

digitize paper based processes


Although we are acting worldwide with offices in our defined key regions, the roots of our company are still within Germany, so therefore we named our product after the most successful german software provider SAP. But this does not exclude any other major ERP system, we are able connect to any of the large, and even minor players. Our vision was never to build an own ERP system, but to enable any of the large systems to be used in a faster way on any mobile device. As the majority of our clients, who needed fast and simple to integrate mobile solutions, had large SAP systems in the backend, we became experts in mobilizing SAP. We are able to get your large ERP system in any modern according to your Corporate Identity streamlined User Interface and add functionality, which drives your business faster and smarter than the capabilities of the large ERP giants are able to.
Independent if connected to the core ERP, or any sales, purchasing, logistic, production planning or Webshop modules, we can accelerate your business with our mobile solutions to smarter and easier processes while still claiming to be very fast implemented and less cost effective.
If you want to save the huge license costs for additional modules, the countless man-days of ERP consultants and enable your workers with light and smart mobile solutions, get in touch with us and we would be proud to show our connected capabilities within your existing systems.

We make your business smart, mobile and future-proof

CheckMobile provides you with an innovative, centrally operated web platform (portal) for mapping mobile processes. It optimises business processes and on top of that makes them accessible on all standard mobile terminal equipment such as smartphones, tablets and the like. Both previously virtualised as well as paper-based processes can be optimised through CM. The result is lean, cost-saving processes and a system of mobile solutions that is ready for the always-on business of the future

Power to the user: Process optimisation without programming

What is really revolutionary about CM is its universal capability. You can immediately make adaptations to the individual needs of your company in the CheckMobile modules uncomplicated and without any additional programming. Because, CM facilitates letting any user integrate his own developments into the processes and make them available through the platform or transmit them to mobile devices. The software provides finished, modelled processes which can be very easily re-configured at short notice and which can be individually adapted to your own, specific desires.

Rapid Deployment

With our high-tech GlobalCM solution, we provide internet-based support for complex processes and data exchanges across sites and companies. Virtualization and integration of mobile terminal equipment provide process transparency in real-time and make business leaner, more flexible and highly scalable. Our pre-designed solutions can be easily configured for your individual situation. That means you avoid high software investments while profiting from the usage-based payment of the cloud model. That keeps you at the cutting edge of competition.

CM in practice

With the use of the new software, initially every employee is given a device in which the work instructions and/or lists of goods are recorded in logical sequence. They merely have to be checked off as soon as they are completed. Your employees can, however, also undertake individual entries, for instance make their own comments or a photographic documentation, whose images can be processed onsite. Subsequently, the data is automatically transmitted to your company headquarters through the CheckMobile server. There, the follow-up tasks or, if applicable, the requested information can be immediately viewed.

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