How Covid 19 is changing the way we work

Letter to the Industry by Jasmin Reimold from CheckMobile

I am sure that every single industry member thinks about how one, if not all, of the following topics can be tackled. Furthermore since savings have to be spread wisely in different areas at the same time not involving too many ressources:

1) Establishing an adequate level of safety and well-being of employees as well as customers.

2) Keeping up a good service quality while at the same time complying with the dynamically changing security regulations.

2) Stabilising the core business as well as financial matters.

3) Increasing of business development.

What IT experts think will be our future

With employees being sick, shifts to redefine and in a worst case scenario staff that has to be set free, significant changes will come along, too. A report just recently provided by IT-staff recruiting experts SThree, comes to the conclusion that these three core trends in IT will be our near future:

⚙️ Artificial intelligence and automation

📲 Future of flexible work (home office, etc.)

🔗 Significant effects on supply chains

Knowledge is here. What to do with it?

CheckMobile focuses on these trends. We enable your employees and customers to master the challenges mentioned with ease. With tailor-made solutions that are already in use worldwide today.

Find answers

CheckMobile is a software specialist that has focused on 2 things since founded in 2008:

1) Optimization, e.g. using low code applications (little effort, fast implementation, considerable RoI)

2) Innovation, e.g. face recognition technology, AI automation, telematics solutions

Be active

Summer vacations are just around the corner and you can now congratulate yourself: you have discovered fabulous software solutions in a huge jungle of offers. In the next step, get an impression of the flexible IT tools and arrange your demo directly via a personal contact!

Jasmin Reimold

Vice President Sales
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