Heavy equipment inspection is a regular, routine process that makes sure your fleet is compliant. If executed properly, it can save you from a lot of headaches down the road in both monetary and process execution aspect.

Why regular asset inspections are critical to your heavy equipment lifespan?

The list of benefits of proper and regular inspection is long, but if we have to set the spotlight to the most important one, this will definitely be the safety of your workers. Some other benefits include:

There is no doubt that the value of expert advice is priceless –  it is more likely to notice when parts or systems are damaged beyond what an untrained eye can spot.

How can you empower your field workers to see the equipment through the eyes of an expert?

CheckMobile Guided Damage System turns your field workers into an heavy equipment inspection experts! With our mobile solution, your employees are following a step-by-step process and verifying with pictures all inspection aspects, using checklists and pictograms. They can check for leaks, broken or loose parts, excessively worn parts or any potential problem areas – all personalized to your needs and at the same time following international standards. The collected data is instantly added to the machine’s record (including also data from telematics if any), where the condition of the asset is analyzed and further steps can be taken if needed.

Do not wait until your equipment breaks down. By taking up preventative measures, you can save yourself money, time and troubles in a long run.   

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