Paperless Solutions for Paper Problems

As society as a whole shifts towards a fully digital environment the business climate must adapt in order to keep up. The more integrated digital solutions become the more outdated paper solutions turn into. The clear solution is to go paperless. However going paperless in the business world is a big decision that must be thought out. It could potentially mean completely eliminating all processes already put in place,  & making new ones, training your whole team to know the process. Now this seems like a pretty big task and it is, but there are a ton of advantages to going paperless. These benefits are seen especially in the long run. Let’s take a closer look at some of the aspects of transitioning to a paperless office. 

A major benefit to going to paperless in the workplace is the fact that the business will save money, especially in the long run. Although it’s not always discussed maintaining a printer and the cost of ink and paper does run a significant bill when it’s being used constantly throughout the work week. The cost of printer ink alone is enough for many to consider the push for a paperless office. Now consider just the amount of space that filing cabinets take up. All that paper has to go somewhere. By going paperless, a firm would not only save money on ink and paper, but also maximize office space but reducing the number of filing cabinets needed. Another key benefit to note is the ability to access important documents from anywhere and on any device. Let’s say one is at an important meeting away from the office and needs to access the document but they left the paper back at the office, if the office is digitized then one can pull the document up on their device like there was never a problem. Not to mention easier team and department collaboration. A document can now be worked on by multiple people at the same time. This saves a significant amount of time when the document is not being emailed constantly for revised changes. And as we always say it’s critical to #eliminatedowntime and maximize productivity. Another major benefit to going paperless is actually the fact that its paperless! For firms that want to be environmentally conscious, reducing paper use is one of the top advantages of going paperless. Going paperless as a business takes a step closer to cleaner air and water, reduced consumption of trees, and reduced carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Reducing one’s carbon footprint might not have a significant impact on profits, however, there is the possibility that going paperless & making it public company policy will bring in customers and clients who consider being environmentally conscious a high priority when they’re choosing to do business.

Now, your office wants to go paperless but doesn’t know where to begin. That’s where we at Logimove-Checkmobile come in. We are a world wide operating brand in the area of high tech mobile solutions. We always aim to be the benchmark in the business and convinced the biggest brands to be their service provider for any mobile device.We integrate state of the art mobile solutions which drive your business to perform faster, smarter and optimized. We invest heavily in research and development to stay on top of technology to ensure clients solutions are always up to date and requirements. Now why choose us, why not just minimize paper usage and use more digital platforms and call it a day. Well, we have market ready solutions which need no further development on client cost. Fast implementations and integrations into your existing systems and SaaS business models guarantee saving costs and transparency for sustainable business growth. Come and check us out at for more information on how we can help you, and join the workflow movement!! 

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