The Clear Benefits

Facial Recognition is rapidly becoming vastly used across the world by all sorts of companies within various industries. It’s used to get into cell phones, used to get into homes, offices, and even used by fast food chains. What was once a movie fantasy has now become a clear and present reality. So then what’s the big deal? What is it? & Why is facial recognition so widely used? And what impact does it have on the performance of a business? Many people know facial recognition to be an AI based technology that simply recognizes faces, but it’s a little more complex than that. In fact, the AI technology considers a number of aspects for a successful face recognition. These include jawline length, the shape of the cheekbones, eye sockets depth, and the list goes on and on. All these factors help the technology “remember” who is the owner of the face. The AI will remember and store the person’s facial structure in order to remember it for when the person returns. 

Now that we understand the basics of how it works let’s discuss the benefits that come along with the applicational use of facial recognition, as there are others aside from unlocking one’s Iphone. A major benefit for companies is the extremely fast processing speed. The facial recognition process takes a mere second or less allowing it to be super beneficial for companies. Considering that facial recognition is almost instant, it grants a quick and efficient verification of a person. As stated previously in this blog about the #eliminatedowntime conference, it is always beneficial to a company to reduce downtime to maximize productivity. A company can gather the data almost instantly and pull up any information that is associated with the customer as soon as the process is complete. By speeding up the process a business (depending on its business model) can maximize the amount of productive time that it has. Another major benefit of the use of facial recognition is seamless integration. The technology is seamlessly integrated making it the perfect choice. It doesn’t require additional spending on its integration & most facial recognition solutions are compatible with the majority of security software. An obvious benefit is the enhanced security that comes along with facial recognition. I’m not talking about the simple unlocking of a smartphone I’m talking about secure entry to a company. For example, security guards used to have to perform manual identification of people. This  took way too much time and did not have high accuracy. Today however, facial recognition is completely independent in the identification process and not only takes seconds but is also incredibly accurate. Thus allowing for enhanced security and enhanced peace of mind. 

We at Logimove-Checkmobile have developed our very own terminal for facial recognition. IDEM FACIEM is the checkmobile KYC (know your customer) POS (point of sales) Terminal. It is one of the newest products in line of our solutions, nevertheless already in use by customers from us in the fast food sector as well as in several airports. IDEM FACIEM is a terminal, including the hardware and, in addition, several software solutions to build a complete solution to engage with B2C customers. Starting from an advanced face recognition software, up to a cashier and payment system, IDEM FACIEM delivers the end to end solution for any company, who wants to use these new technologies. The variety of use cases is almost endless, in current implementations our customers wanted e.g. a staff free restaurant experience, where the face recognition identifies the client, uses his previous generated data, based on this makes recommendations for new or recurring purchases, cashless payments and cashier system for invoicing and bookkeeping. This approach was revolutionary but highly successful and is currently regarded as the benchmark in the market. In airports we have a different approach, and the possibilities of interactions are even broader, from boarding up to security check and further engagements in duty free shopping area, our solutions increase efficiency, cost savings, higher turnover for shops and largely improved user and customer experience. In our offices in Palo Alto, US, Moscow, Russia and Hamburg, Germany, we have Demo Terminals to show potential customers what is possible with this state of the art Terminals. Come and check out more of our solutions and how we can help you streamline your business at and join the workflow movement!! 

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