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Awesome Apps for Rapid Business Value: Industries, Retail, Rental, Services.

CM Process Platform

With our more than a decade developed and improved CM process platform we are able to digitize almost any paper based process within our range of industry solutions. Origin was the car rental industries, where the biggest names in the market rely on our solutions since many years. Further development, enhancements and regular updates enable our solution to be a powerful tool for almost any industry to eliminate paperwork and bring everything on mobile devices.

  • Equipment
  • Rental
  • Logistics
  • Facility management
  • Service
  • Financial

CM Omni Channel Platform

Formerly based on our CM Process Platform, by attracting trade and retail customers, we were able to specify certain aspects of our established processes and came up with a dedicated solution for the retail industry – our CM Omni Channel Platform. Currently used by the largest electronic, food and fashion retailers in the world, our solution enabled our customers to reach huge increases in revenue, cost saving, customer satisfaction and more efficiency in their daily operations.

  • Return management
  • Click 2 Collect
  • Delivery Management incl.
  • ERP booking
  • Exception handling
  • Store 2 Store


IDEM FACIEM is the checkmobile KYC (know your customer) POS (point of sales) Terminal. It is one of the newest products in line of our solutions, nevertheless already in use by customers from us in the fast food sector as well as in several airports.

IDEM FACIEM is a terminal, including the hardware and, in addition, several software solutions to build a complete solution to engage with B2C customers. Starting from an advanced face recognition software, up to a cashier and payment system, IDEM FACIEM delivers the end to end solution for any company, who wants to use these new technologies.

Mobile Enabler for SAP

Although we are acting worldwide with offices in our defined key regions, the roots of our company are still within Germany, so therefore we named our product after the most successful german software provider SAP. But this does not exclude any other major ERP system, we are able connect to any of the large, and even minor players. Our vision was never to build an own ERP system, but to enable any of the large systems to be used in a faster way on any mobile device. As the majority of our clients, who needed fast and simple to integrate mobile solutions, had large SAP systems in the backend, we became experts in mobilizing SAP. We are able to get your large ERP system in any modern according to your Corporate Identity streamlined User Interface and add functionality, which drives your business faster and smarter than the capabilities of the large ERP giants are able to.

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CheckMobile's process based approach and low-code generation delivered very quickly a good foundation for our business.
Marc-Stephan H.
CheckMobile's platform is reliable and customer oriented for flexible assignments and customizable workflows.
Nick H.

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