“The first step to implementing a change is to admit that you need it”

And what about step 0?

An unconventional way of counting, but we should know how to prepare for this moment of openness.

To be able to admit you need a change, you should be able to see – as simple as that, but not enough. To be able to make any assumptions, an understanding of what you see is essential.  Or let me use the favorite buzz words of the 21st century – data and information. All companies have data. The bigger the company, the bigger the mess.

Unfortunately, data on its own it’s quite insufficient. The power comes not from the loads of numbers and characters your company have, but from the information that can be extracted. This conversion from data to information is the 0 step.

And here comes the question – is the data I have, the data I need?

You can hire masters in data science to create masterpieces in data analysis, but if the database is not relevant and up to date, it all goes to the trash. How can you ensure that all the numbers you use are representing the present moment?

Well, capturing data in real-time from the field of your company’s operations is the only reasonable solution. Thanks to the advantages that the internet and technologies give us today, this is possible – you just need the right partner for this journey, not only to collect, but to organize and store your numbers, not in data, but information form.

You can apply this solution to every industry and implement it within weeks!

“Fast implementation is what makes us different.”

Join the workflow movement!

2020 -2024 – Chamber of Commerce Hamburg announces the new members of Eastern Europe working group

2020 -2024 – Chamber of Commerce Hamburg announces the new members of Eastern Europe working group

Tim Mackeldey, Managing Director Europe from CheckMobile has been chosen as a member of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce (Handelskammer Hamburg) working group, dedicated to East Europe of for the upcoming 4 years.

In in his interview, exclusively for our readers, he shares what are the main priorities of Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and how his experience will contribute to the business relationships development of East Europe.

What is Hamburg Chamber of Commerce’s mission?

The working circle for Eastern Europe is just one of thirty groups within the chamber to contribute to improve the economic exchange between Eastern Europe and Hamburg.  Hanseatic city as ours, has always had a  large trade relations with the East and this particular working circle will consult the president and plenums of the chamber how to further develop the eastern relationships.

What are the biggest challenges that the chamber faces?

The image of Eastern Europe in Germany, especially Russia, needs still a lot of improvement to come closer to the reality. I don’t know if all trade restrictions towards the East are really needed. This will be one of the challanges the group will face.

Which sectors are prioritized and in which projects companies can find collaboration opportunities?

This is a very illustrious and heterogenous working group, covering several industries as well as large players from Hamburg. I think we can improve the situation for any business sector.

How your previous expertise will help you in this this challenge?

I was living and working for the last 15 years in Eastern Europe. In these years I built a huge network in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltics. The members of the working group cover many industries, and I my role is bring in some missing knowledge of the IT sector.

Tim Makeldey

Managing Director CheckMobile

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The usage of AI damage detection can fine-tune the rent and return process

The usage of AI damage detection can fine-tune the rent and return process

Lectura DigiMessenger explored the potential of digital tools designed for the rent and return process with Tim Mackeldey, Managing Director CheckMobile GmbH, who presented advanced services and solutions such as face recognition or AI damage detection designed not only for the heavy equipment rental industry.

Can you introduce your company to our readers? What services and solutions do you offer?

Checkmobile is a dinosaur in the area of digitalization. The name origins from bringing paper-based checklists onto mobile devices. For more than 15 years we serve large companies with building workflow apps and improve within that processes, make them more transparent, cost cutting and moreefficient. Our clients mainly come from rental, heavy equipment, automotive, producing industry who need a low coding platform to quickly implement a better IT landscape.

Have you been impacted by the Coronavirus restrictions?

As we are a market leader for example in the car rental IT business, we have seen some struggling there. Otherwise with our contactless solutions we have an answer to current and newly appeared problems.

Do you offer any solutions for heavy equipment rental companies?

This is the key industry we are working in and have in Europe as well as in the US the largest players under contract. Starting from rent and return process, over damage detection even with the help of AI, up to analytics and inspection tools, we were able to deliver RoI of factor 15+ to our clients.

What are the main features of CheckMobile Guided Damage System and how does it work?

We have noticed that many companies underestimate the losses produced by damages
on their equipment and created tools, which guide the field
force to accurately analyse all damages, document them, trigger spare parts management and

the logistics plus, what is most important, charge the customers. This is all possible in very intuitive apps we provide with a very quick implementation.

What would you like to achieve in the near future? Do you plan any new digital tools?

Our R&D team consists of several highly qualified developers, who are constantly searching for
the newest technologies, which should help our existing and new customers to stay on the top

of technology and give them a competitive advantage.

In detail, we are developing AI damage detection tools for the automotive sector, we implemented several projects concerning face recognition and look for more solutions in AI automatization.

Moreover, we are heavily involved in further developing our main asset, our low coding platform for asset management with several new features.

This interview was originally published by Lectura DigiMessenger.

Tim Mackeldey

Managing Director Europe

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Best Digital Innovation of the Year

Best Digital Innovation of The Year

In May 2020 CheckMobile had been informed that our AI-based damage detection software has been nominated to be a finalist for this year’s European Rental Awards, in the Digital Innovation of the Year category. In this contest every European company managing their business in the rental industry has been invited to attend by the initiative of KHL Group, the leading supplier of international construction information in the world, as well as the European Rental Association (ERA), promoting the rental concept in order to facilitate a continued growth of a sustainable and professional rental industry in Europe.

The announcement of the winners in this and four more categories will be presented on June 30th 2020 during the free webinar “European Rental Awards & Market Update”.

CheckMobile is feeling humble being acknowledged for its innovative DNA once more and encourages you to join us participating.

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Overview award shortlists

Best Digital Innovation of the Year

CheckMobile (AI-based damage detection software)

Intrador (Used equipment valuation tool and App)

Riwal (My Riwal App, VR training, augmented reality App)

Spartan Solutions (PHALANX digital operations platform)


Small Rental Company of the Year (<€15 million revenues)

Cross Rental Services (Ireland/UK)

Drial Wynajem (Poland)

Vatupassi (Finland)


Large rental Company of the Year (>€15 million revenues)

Loxam (France)

Mollo Noleggio (Italy)

Renta (Finland)

Rental Product of the Year

Atlas Copco (E-Air VSD electric compressor)

Caterpillar (301.7 CR mini excavator)

Consair (CAMU D2 dust extractor)

Endress (Energy Storage & SmartEnergyBox)

JCB (19C-1E electric mini excavator)

Wacker Neuson (Dual View dumpers)


Best Sustainable Rental Project of the Year

Volvo Construction Equipment (Sweden)

GSV Materieludlejning A/S (Denmark)

Hoogwerkt (The Netherlands)

About CheckMobile

Founded in 2008, CheckMobile is a software company focused on creating new mobility solutions for equipment rental companies and fleet owners globally. For almost 15 years, the company has built applications patented in Germany for the construction and automotive industries.

The company started by digitalising paper-based processes for medium-sized and larger companies. Europcar was the first big player to use CheckMobile’s software solutions for mobile devices, and that experience gave CheckMobile a better understanding of what is important to rental businesses.

In this way, CheckMobile developed its technical understanding of the rental industry, and of the use of algorithms with pictures, to the point where it was ready to tackle the daily challenges of companies such as Caterpillar Zeppelin and Prangl.

CheckMobile offers a platform that operates in diverse languages and is used across more than 30 countries. It is built on a native open-source App that integrates with CRM, ERP and various other systems.

Jasmin Reimold

Vice President Sales

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How Covid 19 is changing the way we work

How Covid 19 is changing the way we work

Letter to the Industry by Jasmin Reimold from CheckMobile

I am sure that every single industry member thinks about how one, if not all, of the following topics can be tackled. Furthermore since savings have to be spread wisely in different areas at the same time not involving too many ressources:

1) Establishing an adequate level of safety and well-being of employees as well as customers.

2) Keeping up a good service quality while at the same time complying with the dynamically changing security regulations.

2) Stabilising the core business as well as financial matters.

3) Increasing of business development.

What IT experts think will be our future

With employees being sick, shifts to redefine and in a worst case scenario staff that has to be set free, significant changes will come along, too. A report just recently provided by IT-staff recruiting experts SThree, comes to the conclusion that these three core trends in IT will be our near future:

⚙️ Artificial intelligence and automation

📲 Future of flexible work (home office, etc.)

🔗 Significant effects on supply chains

Knowledge is here. What to do with it?

CheckMobile focuses on these trends. We enable your employees and customers to master the challenges mentioned with ease. With tailor-made solutions that are already in use worldwide today.

Find answers

CheckMobile is a software specialist that has focused on 2 things since founded in 2008:

1) Optimization, e.g. using low code applications (little effort, fast implementation, considerable RoI)

2) Innovation, e.g. face recognition technology, AI automation, telematics solutions

Be active

Summer vacations are just around the corner and you can now congratulate yourself: you have discovered fabulous software solutions in a huge jungle of offers. In the next step, get an impression of the flexible IT tools and arrange your demo directly via a personal contact!

Jasmin Reimold

Vice President Sales

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